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Manual 6'' Stainless Steel Pasta Maker Crank Machine 3 Different Types of Pasta

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Item #: 2015
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  • Brand New
  • 6'' Wide Stainless Steel Pasta Maker
  • Chrome-Plated Steel Construction
  • Easily adjustable, 7-positiondial regulates thickness of pasta dough
  • Makes 3different types of pasta .
  • Removable Handle and Clamp .
  • Hand Crank function .
  • Table Top Clamp. 
  • Adjustable Stainless steel rollers .
  • Gleaming stainless-steel body and cutting blades
  • Easy clean
  • Clamp this pasta machine to your counter or table edge, choose a setting, and you're ready to turn out fresh homemade pasta, literally. This is a pasta maker you crank by hand as you feed in your dough. Made of gleaming stainless steel, the machine's adjustable rollers press your dough into long, four-inch wide sheets in a choice of seven thicknesses. You can then cut the sheets into squares for making ravioli, or longer sections for lasagna. By sliding on the stainless-steel cutting attachment, you can extrude thin spaghetti or medium-width fettuccine noodles. And, for artists, the pasta machine works well as an extruder for polymer clay. After use, wipe the machine clean or run a damp paper towel or piece of felt through it. Remove the handle and clamp for compact storage. You'll never want to resort to buying dried,store-bought pasta again. A recipe booklet is included to get you started.
  • Weight: 5.40lbs (with handle)
  • Overall dim: 7-3/4''L x8-1/2''W x 5-5/8''H (w/o handle)

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