Limited 1 Year Warranty:

All Prolinemax item(s) sold are covered under warranty against material and workmanship defects one year. Mechanical Motors, Electrical equipment and instruments  are covered for 90 day warranty. From the original purchase date, for the original buyer. Prolinemax shall not be responsible/liable for death, injuries to persons or property, or for incidental and contingent, special or consequential damages arising from the use of our product.

Prolinemax has a part(s) replacement only warranty.

What Is Covered:

All Prolinemax item(s) sold are warranted to be free of material and workmanship defects for one year. 

What Is Not Covered:

This limited warranty does not apply to:
* Defects or damage to the Product(s) resulting from misuse, abuse, negligence, or accidents due directly or indirectly
* Repair or replacement of the Product(s) due to normal wear and tear
* Consumable items, tooling, saw blades and dies sets
* Periodic, routine, or lack of maintenance, installation and setup
* Defects or damage to the Product(s) resulting from improper or unauthorized alterations, modifications, or changes
* Any Product(s) that have not been installed and/or maintained properly
* Costs associated with repair, labor or installation of parts supplied under warranty

How To Obtain Warranty Service:

To obtain the benefit of this warranty, please call our customer service at 1.626.401.9887 or email to with proof of purchase is required.


Warranted products will be repaired or replaced at Prolinemax's sole discretion. Purchaser will be responsible for return freight charges, well packed and insured. Prolinemax are not responsible for lost or damaged occur during return for repair.

  1. Prolinemax reserves the right to make the final determination, based on its own evaluation of the product, as to whether the problem in question is the result of a defect in design, workmanship, or materials, and not a result of error, misuse, or abuse on the part of the purchaser.
  2. A service fee and shipping charges may be imposed if any product is returned for warranty service that is missing components or that has been substantially altered or modified in any way. Such fees and charges will be based upon the actual material and labor costs necessary to replace missing parts and to return the product to its original factory state.


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